AWL-Techniek sells two innovative cobots

AWL has recently sold two innovative cobots. A cobot (collaborative robot) is a robot that works “on the job” with an employee. Experience of working with robots is not necessary because programming a cobot is intuitive and fast.

Lubbert Talen, Technology Manager Cobotics at AWL: "The two cobots sold are used for different activities. One cobot is deployed at the customer as a glue aid for making carpet sample cards. Here, the cobot glues the loose carpet pieces onto a sample card.“

The other cobot is used to develop a TIG welding setup at the customer. Lubbert Talen: "For TIG-welding, you need a very steady hand, especially when it comes to visible work. In some cases, a small sinusoidal motion also has to be made. A cobot can be used perfectly for this kind of repetitive or very secure task.“

AWL chosen thanks to its technical solution capability
Cobots are a relatively new product. For 10 years now, these applications are developing rapidly. AWL focuses on developing knowledge about the application of cobots. Lubbert Talen: "In close collaboration with the Research & Development department and intensive consultations with our customers, we develop the smartest solutions for which cobots are of great added value. Thanks in part to this procedure, the companies of the two sold cobots selected AWL.“

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