Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) can be implemented in a variety of ways. You can use AMRs as a link in your production chain. You can link them to your warehouse, working safely in an environment with staff, enabling a fully autonomous factory and offering insight and control over your logistics flows.

The use of AMRs

AMRs can navigate freely in your factory environment without additional tools. This is in contrast to AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles), which require, among other things, magnetic strips in the floor or reflectors on the wall. AMRs can also dodge people and other vehicles. This makes AMRs very flexible and usable 24/7. Routes and locations can be modified on the spot with no physical adjustments. This ensures that logistics, order picking and production lines can be automated even in highly dynamic environments. So, it is easy to scale the capacity up and down. AMRs can also play an important role in Just-In-Time / Just-In-Sequence production processes. They are a safe and effective alternative to manned forklift trucks.

What can we offer you?

Together with you, we map existing and/or future logistics flows. We can develop the necessary physical and digital interfaces to seamlessly connect AMRs to your existing machines and warehouse. Naturally, this applies to machines developed by AWL and third-party machines. Furthermore, we support you in the change process of increasing automation in your business.

AWL provides the link between the autonomous logistics fleet and your parent ERP/MES system. We unlock all the relevant data to and from your existing IT systems. We provide insight into your AMR fleet with dashboards, software interfaces and analyses, helping you improve the productivity of your machines and processes.

Why AWL?

AWL is brand-independent and has a broad portfolio of reliable AMR suppliers. We work with you to define the best solution. We ensure that we achieve an optimal result through our knowledge of the brand-specific complexity of fleet management, logistics optimization, route planning and floor layout.

We take safety very seriously. A focus on safety and user comfort is key to our development process. In addition, we are a Gold Integrator Member of A3 Robotics.

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