Depalletization of Randomly Mixed SKUs

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Depalletization is a critical process in distribution and fulfillment environments. Unreliable unstacking can cause the sorting process to stall. Moreover, unloading pallets is often a heavy and time-consuming process for your personnel.

Meet Rode: our robotic depalletizer. Rode automatically unstacks arbitrarily-packaged goods such as boxes, bags, or totes from pallets. Automating this process provides your company with multiple benefits. It enables you to:

  • Reduce and even eliminate repetitive manual tasks;
  • Increase output and line speed;
  • Improve ergonomics and reduce risk of injury;
  • Automate product or label tracking.

Random Mixed Depalletizing

AWL provides automated depalletization solutions that can run 24/7. Using vision technology and AI software, we create robotic solutions that can accommodate mixed parts and products.

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