Lyla production dashboard

Your digital production coach

As a manufacturer, you want your production to proceed as efficiently and optimally as possible. But how are you going to achieve this? Where are your options for improvement and how effective are they? How do you ensure that your production performance remains at a minimum level, or improves? How do I recoup my investment faster? Lyla, your digital production coach, can answer these and many other questions.

Lyla is a production dashboard that helps you collect and evaluate data from the machine, so you can take advantage of its value in the simplest possible way. Lyla is designed to guide you at every step of this process. We would like to show you how Lyla works and how it can be of value to your production site.

Lyla helps you collect and evaluate the data from your machines.

You can access Lyla from any modern web browser and device. However, this does not mean that Lyla is connected to the Internet. The Lyla server is installed on site, so your data does not leave your production facility without your permission. Lyla comes with a user-friendly dashboard that provides insight on four levels.

1. Overview Page

The first level shows accurate reports and live insights into the production status of all machines connected to the system, and it displays the most urgent maintenance.

2. Reports

The second level is an overview of the machine-crossing reports. This indicates the performance level of the machines, and reflects potential areas for improvement within the machine or production line.

3. Machine analytics

The third level provides you with specific statistics on the machine to indicate the potential areas for improvement.

4. Zone statistics (under development)

The last level gives you insight into specific statistics of a particular logistics area in the machine for which optimization is possible.

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