M-Line Jig

AWL helps its customers worldwide with high-quality products and excellent service. However, the world is constantly changing. Prices and lead times are under increasing pressure. It is our mission to offer appropriate solutions. The quality and flexibility of our jigs is crucial for stable productivity. We are currently working on developments in different areas and we have designed our own modular state-of-the-art jig: the M-Line Jig.

Benefits of a modular jig

The M-Line Jig is built according to the modular principle in order to respond to the demanding changes in the market. Standardizing the components allows us to increase the quality, adopt global standards and both the customer and AWL have a clear start and end of the project, resulting in reduced project time. When other requirements are set for the end product, it is possible to easily adapt the M-Line Jig, removing the need to replace an entire jig.

What makes our M-Line Jig unique?

Through extensive research and testing, we create the necessary product for the customer. We apply new production techniques with laser cutting and 3D printing. We apply smart engineering by using standard frames, parts and components. This helps us to mount the jig quickly and easily. It also increases the maintainability of a jig and simplifies making changes. Modularity allows AWL to build the jig in flow-line production, resulting in being able to deliver the jig sooner.

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M-Line Machines

Besides the M-Line Jig, AWL also supplies modular machines.