M-Line Machines

Endless possibilities thanks to M-Line

To serve our customers even better, AWL has developed a platform of modules for laser welding, spot welding, arc welding, handling and jigs called M-Line. M-Line is the first official AWL product and stands for “Modular Line”. We have defined several modules to create the most efficient combination of modular machines. This allows us to meet your needs and offer more flexibility and shorter delivery times. We want to relieve you and give you a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of modular construction

Through modular construction, there is maximum flexibility when it comes to different product variants and increasing or decreasing production capacity. It is also possible to deploy a machine again. The replacement of a particular component is in fact very simple thanks to the modular philosophy. We build the M-Line machines from a library of standard components. So we can deliver the machines faster and the quality of the machine is very high because the probability of errors is very small. The library also ensures cost-effective purchasing; faster quotes, detailed scope and unambiguous framework agreements. The floor area of the machine is much smaller, which makes it possible to place the machines in the factory. M-line is very easy to transport because each module can be loaded precisely into a truck by a forklift truck.


Module combinations

Due to the rapid development of materials, a combination of different joining techniques is increasingly required. M-Line is also the right choice for this. Complete lines can be built with M-Line Spot, M-Line Arc, M-Line Laser and M-Line handling modules to build your perfect machine!

M-Line Spot

M-Line Spot is a resistance welding machine, but built with our modular philosophy. This makes it possible for AWL to deliver machines with shortened delivery times and more flexibility. For high volumes, resistance welding is the ideal joining technique: fast, reliable and it can be perfectly automated. As a system integrator, AWL has extensive experience in the application of the resistance welding technique, both in robotic spot welding as in building machines for projection welding for very different applications.

M-Line Laser

M-Line Laser is our modular concept for laser welding. Laser welding is a versatile process, which you can use to weld a large number of materials. Lasers are commonly used in large-scale production applications because they have high productivity, excellent weld quality and a level of automation that can be used 24/7. Add to this the benefits of modular construction, and you create a high-quality machine.

M-Line Arc

In both the automotive and metalworking industries, arc welding is a renowned joining method. Arc welding equipment has evolved over the decades from analog to the fully digital control of both the welding process and the wire feed. M-Line Arc is our modularly constructed arc welding machine.

A promising future with M-Line

The development of M-Line machines is in full swing. The M-Line Spot and M-Line Laser have been launched and the M-Line Arc is coming soon. Will we then be finished with developing? No. M-Line is our modular philosophy for machine building, and in the coming years we will develop it further and continuously adapt to changes in the market and techniques. M-Line is ready for the fully automated factory.

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M-Line Jig

Besides the M-Line machines, AWL also supplies modular jigs: the M-Line Jig.