Modular solutions

M-Line: the basis for a flexible future

How can you quickly launch a new end product but, before launching it, respond again to changes required by your customer? How do you deal with price pressure and market globalization? The ever more demanding end consumer demands a made-for-me approach and not made-to-sell mass production, but the time-to-market is getting shorter and shorter. In this tricky playing field, AWL wants to offer solutions preparing you today for the future of tomorrow. We believe that modularity, combined with global availability, product knowledge and engaged project management is an unbeatable combination.

Our solution: M-Line

By starting a modular development program, AWL can successfully offer modular production concepts that are still adaptable: M-Line. With M-Line, AWL translates your demand for a flexible and customer-specific production concept that guarantees years of carefree and cost-effective production: Ensuring global productivity. M-Line supports the strategy for standardizing the production process, but also for increasing the efficiency of your production capacity. Meanwhile, AWL has already sold several M-Line machines and jigs, and our customers are satisfied; modularization works!

M-Line Machines

Our M-Line Machines are the basis for worry-free production: stable software, high welding quality and optimum cycle times. The machine consists of flexible modules so that AWL can configure the optimal machine for every request.

M-Line Jig

The heart of each machine is the jig. Within our M-Line concept, we have developed a modular jig: M-Line Jig. This is a flexible jig concept with a modular frame and interchangeable nests. The standardized components enable us to quickly produce and deliver high-quality jigs. Because the nests are interchangeable, the jig is easy to customize.

The future of M-Line

The world keeps changing. AWL looks ahead and is always evolving in order to anticipate what is coming. Increasing automation in logistics, further robotization and digitization will challenge us to convert existing ideas into smart new concepts. M-Line is the basis for a flexible future.

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