Traceability solutions

Not only necessary for recall campaigns

If any products reach the end of the production line with defects, it is useful to have insight into the entire manufacturing to determine the cause. Perhaps the raw materials all came from the same batch. Or maybe all the defective products were handled by the same machine or jig in the process. To find out, AWL offers various traceability solutions.

Each part can be followed

Traceability is the ability to follow each part and product during the production process, from the time the raw materials enter the factory to when the end products are shipped. It is easier to determine the cause of problems if you have insight into all details of the routes and processes of a product. Problems can be identified and resolved quickly to minimize the impact.

Improved production process

There is often the notion that traceability only applies to products that may be recalled. In those cases, it is clear why traceability is important. You cannot effectively recall a defective or contaminated product without fully understanding its source, history and distribution. However, traceability also helps improve quality and efficiency in the production process by giving manufacturers insight into their activities and by enabling an analysis of the main causes.

The best solution for your needs

As a supplier of industrial production machines, AWL has developed many solutions to connect our machines as optimally as possible to your traceability system. Moreover, we can also implement our own traceability system for our machines. Together with you, we want to find the best solution for your needs.

Yes, I am interested in the potential of traceability!