Construction fences

Your construction fence produced in just 20 seconds!

To produce construction fences for events or construction sites, you often need a lot of space to stock all your products in order to deliver them as quickly as possible. With AWL, this is history. Thanks to our (fully) automated and reliable machines, you can produce on demand and deliver your construction fence quickly to your customer.

In AWL’s machine, fences are assembled using our high-tech welding technology. Based on your preferences and requirements, the frame and the mesh or steel plate on the frame are welded in the machine. This flexible machine produces what you want and in the desired number, whatever the desired size or type of fencing. For example, you can switch between the different variants without interruptions: size, tube diameters and type (mesh or steel plate). Do you want to provide the construction fence with a nameplate? No problem. The machine is also extremely reliable, partly due to the very stable software that is largely responsible for the final output that your machine can deliver.

All your needs automated

You feed in the parts at the beginning of the machine and at the end of the line, the fences are automatically stacked, so you can easily bundle and transport them. Can you imagine a machine that takes care of everything for you?

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