Corporate Governance

AWL’s supervisory board and executive board members in general endorse the corporate governance principles set out in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

Key in this respect is that the company, its executive directors and supervisory board members must focus on long-term continuity and on maximizing the benefits for all parties involved in the company. Clear and open communications are a positive contributing factor in this respect. After thorough and careful consideration, AWL has defined the Code in further detail with due consideration to the scale of the activities in which it operates.

The Corporate Governance policy, including the associated relevant regulations and reports, is regularly reviewed and evaluated. The table below includes a reference to the Code of Conduct, Profile of the Supervisory Board, and the Whistle-blowing Scheme, as well as the profile sketch for the Supervisory Board.


Deviations from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code

AWL applies all provisions but deviates from the best practice provisions of this Code:

  • 2.2: AWL is of the opinion that experience and knowledge of the company form an important basis for the functioning of its supervisory board members and must be a determining factor in establishing the terms of office. There is no maximum term of office for supervisory board members. After each term of office, a supervisory board member, after careful consideration, may be reappointed for another term.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of AWL-Techniek Holding B.V. consists of:

Mr. M.H. (Marc) Hendrikse (Chairman)
Date of birth : 1960
Initial appointment : 2016
Expiry of current term : 31 March 2024
Current position : Executive Chairman Holland High Tech
Other positions : see LinkedIn

Mr. F.J.H. (François) Carstens
Date of birth : 1959
Initial appointment : 2011
Expiry of current term : 30 June 2023
Current position : Partner/Co-owner Mesa family business consultancy
Other positions : see LinkedIn