AWL aims to help build a sustainable society, not just for ourselves but also for future generations. We assess each business decision and practice for its impact on people, the planet, and our partner programs.


Commitment to our employees is in our DNA. AWL is a place where one can develop oneself. Development of and investment in experiences and competencies make our people the key source of our present and future success and the success of our customers. We work as one team in a safe and social atmosphere and have fun realizing our ambitions. We stimulate leadership, entrepreneurship, ownership, and responsibility as core competencies to drive our planned growth.

Our employees’ physical and mental vitality is also very important. For example, we organize sports activities, facilitate Preventive Medical Examinations, measure our eNPS and offer coaching.

Furthermore, the quality of the organization and its employees is a decisive factor in the success and growth of AWL. Therefore, our Corporate Governance principles mandate how employees conduct themselves in various situations.


We want to play our part in helping build a sustainable future and positively impact the environment and society. We especially focus on the safety of our colleagues, customers, and partners.

Our responsibility to our planet is visible inside and outside our headquarters. The building breathes sustainability. There are more than 3,500 solar panels on its roof. We rely solely on green electricity; the building is entirely gas-free. In addition to generating and storing energy, AWL ensures efficient energy use. The building is fully equipped with LED lighting, activated through motion sensors. The ventilation circulates fresh, clean air. This system regulates temperature and sustainable heating. AWL headquarters is an energy-neutral building where the heat and cold storage take place together with a pleasant and healthy working climate.

Watch how we made our head quarters sustainable

EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

As part of our commitment to society, our people and the environment, AWL completes a thorough assessment of its business sustainability practices every year through EcoVadis, the global standard for business sustainability ratings. The EcoVadis assessment includes 21 sustainability criteria across four core themes: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. In our latest rating, completed in August 2023, we earned a Bronze medal.


AWL has committed itself to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at peace and prosperity for people and the planet, a huge project to which we are happy to contribute. The core of the SDGs is an end to extreme poverty, inequality, injustice, and climate change. We have linked our commitment by contributing to three of the total 17 SDGs: Quality Education, Fair Work and Economic Growth and Industry, and Innovation and Infrastructure.

We are open to sharing the results of our efforts by participating in different corporate social-responsibility assessments, like NQC, EcoVadis and CDP. Furthermore, we will present these results in our Corporate Sustainability Report.