AWL machines make complete doorframes from loose parts. These parts may be profiles, lock cases or hinges. Our machines are characterized by speed, quality, reliability and high flexibility in variants. The machines are designed parametrically, so you can produce the desired part and quantity for your customer quickly and easily, with an option of creating a link to a parent system.

At AWL, we choose a robot solution wherever possible because, besides excellent reliability, the machine provides maximum flexibility for future product variants. For each doorframe, a recipe can be sent to the machine by means of a software link so that each product can be produced with its unique properties. Moreover, the machine reports the production status of each product using the same software link.

Fast and with attention to appearance

In the machine, the loose parts are welded into the doorframe members, in order to subsequently combine the loose members into a doorframe. During welding, there is great attention to the cosmetic properties of the doorframe. If your frame is welded, then assembly processes may also be integrated. You can choose to subsequently suspend the frames automatically onto a conveyor system for powder coating. In addition, you can also couple the machine to a profiling or preparation machine. We can thus offer you a total package for your production process.

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