Industrial packaging

AWL is the supplier of welding machines for the metal packaging industry

For instance, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), drums, cans, fire extinguishers, containers and derived packaging products.

Robust products, cost reduction and logistical improvements

Safety and reliability are essential for IBCs and steel drums. Producers worldwide therefore focus on uniform product standards and on customer-specific product and process quality. In addition, gaining economic benefits is increasingly emphasized, obviously without sacrificing quality. Packaging materials is all about robust products, cost reduction and logistical improvements.

Our machines have the same characteristics

Our machines have the same characteristics

● Mass production of high quality and reliable products
● Focus on product standards
● Worldwide delivery and service
● High quality and safety requirements.

AWL has up-to-date knowledge in the field of production technologies, materials and logistics. This enables AWL to deliver high quality and flexible solutions, which seamlessly match the customer’s needs.

AWL has carried out many projects worldwide in the field of the development and production of innovative welding machines, also for the packaging industry. These projects vary from robots for single welds to complete production lines for the packaging industry.

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