PLC machine control

Machine control is a specialization of AWL and one of the advantages of working with AWL machines. Customers choose AWL software because AWL is known for its innovations. This makes AWL customers ready for the future.

Each smart machine is equipped with a smart control. A PLC (programmable logic controller) is the heart of the machine, from where all the machine parts are controlled. AWL specializes in writing PLC programs for the Siemens and Allen Bradley brands. AWL is the right address for your high-end control solutions. AWL software is known for its robustness, innovation, modularity and modern HMIs.

Robust and stable

Our software consists of various modules that are maintained for years in a library. These modules are constantly updated with new techniques, new features and bug fixes. It is therefore not surprising that customers recognize that AWL machines are more stable than those of our competitors.


AWL is constantly looking for new technological developments in the market. We collect the information by working smartly with both customers and suppliers. In this way, AWL seeks and develops the best innovations that meet market demand. With the ultimate aim of focusing on the wishes of the customer.

The optimizations we have implemented create an international architecture and the interaction with external systems, such as Dashboard or MES systems. For the coming years, AWL will continue to focus on modular solutions and flexibility.

Flexibility is a broad concept, but the software must provide even more support in the scaling of production volumes and the level of automation. The support of a plurality of product variants for a single machine is increased. This means that time loss through variation is history, more variants can be produced and changing product variants no longer means software modifications.


In recent years, AWL has developed a new standard for the Human Machine Interface (HMI). The goals were:

  • Intuitive
  • International acceptance

We have achieved these goals by making the controls as similar as possible to the devices that everyone uses. The navigation method is derived from the mobile phones and tablets with which everyone is familiar. We have made maximum use of icons and, where possible, these are based on the international standard ISO 7000.

All these developments do not mean that AWL is now fully developed with regard to HMIs. We plan more good optimizations for the near future. We will see the PLC being increasingly introduced into the machines. This allows for smarter applications, providing more opportunity for innovative functionalities.

Would you like to experience the benefit of our PLC knowledge?

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