Data is the key to optimization

The market is changing and transforming. AWL is also part of this and is developing from a traditional machine builder into a specialist in the field of machine software and IT. Digitalization creates insights into the productivity of machines and plants. And with increasing factory automation, the need for tools to control and manage the process is becoming increasingly important. Through Digitalization, we can provide you with data and we can help you significantly improve your productivity.


In a customer’s factory, we were asked to analyze the production output in detail during the production time. A significant drop in productivity was seen in the last 20-30 minutes of the shifts. Once this was recognized, the issue could be solved. In this way, the customer can make a data-driven improvement process. Without the data analysis, the issue would not have become known to the factory managers.

AWL is developing from a traditional machine builder into a specialist in the field of machine software and IT.


We believe that the collection of data should not be a choice. That is why AWL machines are delivered from the factory with the option to collect data from machines and processes. The data is stored in the machine in your factory. This stored data makes excellent service and problem analysis possible. You can use this data for related processes such as machine maintenance, process optimization, logistics and finance. Besides the existing possibility of monitoring data analyses, AWL is developing new applications to support you in the years ahead.

The future

How do we see the future? We believe that Digitalization will enable a flexible production system with a high level of productivity. In the future, machines will be given self-learning and monitoring functionalities, helping our customers increase their productivity. This will involve controlling production results and preventive maintenance through production dashboards, training assistance for operators and maintenance personnel and algorithms that automatically adjust process quality. To achieve this goal, AWL is creating an open ecosystem with which you use machine data to create digital models, data analyses and improvement plans. For example, data is opened up from Lyla for linking and accessing the desired systems and processes of the customer.

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