About AWL

AWL is a machine builder with a social heart, a global player with a local soul. We call our customers collaboration partners. Different cultures, languages and countries are in daily contact with each other at AWL. Learning from each other, working together, living together. We work on solutions that these times demand of us, on issues such as digitization, automation and logistics.

Disciplines and competencies

As a system integrator, AWL delivers added value as a specialist in the design and construction of smart (modular) machines. Our strength lies in three disciplines: joining technologies, (logistics) automation and assembly techniques. Our portfolio includes laser welding, arc welding, resistance welding, glued joints, vision systems, product handling, quality control and traceability. At AWL, we focus on the automotive, metalworking and logistics industries, where high levels of automation and a high degree of flexibility are essential.

With branches in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom, we support our customers all over the world. This guarantees our customers’ global productivity by means of smart and reliable solutions in the field of high-end automation, robotization, machine vision and joining technologies.

AWL is a private company with over 600 employees worldwide.

Experience and research

The lead that AWL had with laser welding technology made AWL the preferred supplier for suppliers to the automotive industry. Each year, AWL machines make parts for ten million cars worldwide. AWL has retained the ability, despite its size, to adapt quickly in order to continue to meet customer needs.

AWL invests heavily in research and development. The Research & Development department has grown in number of employees fivefold in six years. This department is an important part of the foresight of the company and thus in ensuring the future, in new technologies and markets. Our customers benefit from this too.

The opportunities and ideas at AWL

As a company, AWL distinguishes itself by being an attractive employer, where ‘being good for others’ forms the core. AWL gives employees room for personal development. This creates an energetic environment, in which opportunities and ideas are welcome and contribute to the best solutions for our customers.

In the last 30 years, AWL has built up a reputation of a company that has the courage to invest; in sustainable customer relationships, new developments, technologies, education, employees and in itself.

Mission & Vision

“It is our mission to ensure that our customers in the automotive and manufacturing industries achieve the highest productivity levels for their worldwide product and logistics processes by supplying smart and reliable solutions in the field of high-end automation, robotization and joining technology.”

“In a quickly shifting market, we are convinced that in the coming years, automation and robotization will shape the world in which we live and work. AWL retains a leading position through innovation and strong partnership.”