Thinking about Smart Industry

The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly and demanding more and more production flexibility with low volumes and high variation. AWL helps you with smart robotics, innovative programming and integrated connectivity towards smart industry. AWL delivers proven, turnkey robot solutions, which can also be integrated at tube processors. Especially with thin-walled steel, stainless steel or aluminum, in small to midsize diameters.

The combination of smart robotics and state-of-the-art joining techniques allows you to combine flexibility with the desired high quality and accuracy. Whether it concerns fittings, heat exchangers or other tube products, with our solutions we build the ideal machine for you.

Smart robotics

An important focus of AWL is increasing your robot effectiveness. For this, we have developed intelligent applications, such as visual software, making it possible to convert CAD data into robot code and subsequently edit this data. This enables us to move welding points without much programming work; complete shapes can be rotated, scaled, moved and/or mirrored even. Solutions that significantly simplify your production process.

AWL also goes a step further in the field of logistics automation. We integrate automatic jig systems, bin picking and other technologies into your machine to achieve the optimal result.

Smart programming

Another time-saving innovation developed by AWL is parametric programming. With this, you no longer program the robot path per tube, but only enter the diameter and connection angle. After that, the robot calculates its route itself. Imagine how many hours of programming time you’ll save yourself at the changeover to new tube combinations. In addition, a laser-welded tube needs little or no post-processing on the inner and outer sides. In other words, fewer processing steps and lower production costs.

Smart productivity

In the R&D department with more than 30 professionals, many are involved in the structural development of smart machine connectivity on a daily basis. This allows the AWL robots to communicate with each other and with your MES and ERP systems. Moreover, thanks to Lyla – your digital production coach – you can also keep track of your production processes on your smartphone and tablet. Wherever and whenever you want. Your next step to Smart Industry.

Thinking about the future

Allow AWL to advise you on Smart Industry, predictable performance, smart machine concepts and fully integrated connectivity. Let us explore the possibilities with you. AWL has over 600 professionals worldwide who are ready to help your business produce more economically, flexibly, more accurately and more smartly. Solutions that give your business a head start on the future.

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