Car seats

For 20 years now, AWL has been considered one of the market leaders in the seating industry.

Car seat manufacturers have a dominant position in the automotive industry. They are often considered the innovators in the branch. It is mainly these companies that provide innovation in the field of weight reduction, design trends, a flexible range and modular seats.

AWL has years of experience in designing, engineering and building welding and assembly machines for seat parts. Consequently, AWL understands the challenges associated with the production of seat parts and the automation of new product ranges. In addition, we have entered into various partnerships with our customers to assist them with product development.

AWL knows and understands the challenges

Weight reduction is a top priority for all manufacturers. Not only because of the legal requirements and the environment, but also to cut costs. The market also continues to develop increasingly (technically) complex seats, with automatic features, requiring more and more assembly equipment. With our knowledge of various joining techniques, such as welding and production automation and robotization, we help our customers worldwide to maintain their lead in these techniques. Our expertise in laser welding is particularly useful for keeping up with these developments and leading the way.

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