Storage racks

With the emergence of e-commerce, speed and flexibility in the marketplace are necessities. Smart warehouse automation is the key to success. The heart and soul of any warehouse or distribution center is its racking systems. Precision racking systems are so integral to the process that these new buildings are now built around the racking. Are you one of the many companies who provide this racking?


Production has its own unique set of challenges. Incoming material, logistics, labor issues, the list goes on. AWL can help ease your mind when it comes to labor. Our automated solution can help with your manufacturing needs. It eases the burden of finding general labor and expensive skilled welding labor.

Fully automatic welding machines

We offer a fully automatic robotic welding solution that quickly and efficiently produces cross-beams. We currently have several systems deployed with some of the world’s largest racking manufacturers. Our systems are engineered and programmed with the ease of changeover in mind, thus allowing you to be flexible with customer orders while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Large scale production

The cross-beam of a pallet racking system is an excellent example of a welded construction that is needed in large quantities. The profiles of these cross-beams are formed (outside of the AWL system) in a roll-forming line from the coil (hot rolled steel) and then cut to length. The profiles are converted into a cross-beam by welding connectors on each end. Cross-beams can vary in length and may have different connectors depending on the up rights that they attach too. AWL can easily accommodate these different connectors and different profile lengths and shapes.

Furthermore, the location of the connector on the profile is programable. AWL can accomplish all these things while maintaining consistent welding quality and dimensional accuracy. AWL can add additional value by automatically loading and unloading these cross-beams on and out of a coating line. Once coated, we can then palletize them if desired. With an AWL system, all these operations can be performed automatically without the intervention of operators.


AWL is an accomplished machine builder and system integrator with a proven track record across several market segments.  AWL prides itself on producing the very best turn-key solutions on the market.  Years of software development and refinement allow our machines to maximize production uptime.  Our software is extremely robust and versatile, yet very flexible to allow you to cope with your ever-changing production needs.

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