In-line process control

In-line process control enables you to safeguard quality during production. Vision technology is used during or immediately after welding to check whether the weld is of the right quality. The result is reliable production and demonstrable quality.

Safeguarding quality with vision technology

If your production process has a high degree of automation and/or high production speed, it can be very challenging to safeguard quality. The naked eye is only reliable enough during the first hour. Reliability quickly declines in the hours thereafter. Vision technology allows you to easily check whether the produced product meets the specified quality criteria. Quality control is constant, with a higher quality guarantee as a result. This way you avoid having a machine that turns out scrap and you inadvertently putting NOK products through the machine and/or bring them to market.

In-line process control and the welding process

The in-line process control takes place as quickly as possible after the welding process. Moreover, you can monitor the product’s dimensions using various in-line quality monitoring systems. This way you can immediately intervene when an erroneous batch is welded. Thanks to automated control you simply remove NOK components from production and you can correct critical information, such as welding parameters. This ensures one hundred percent quality and a satisfied end customer!

Quality control: an example

The quality control system shown here is used by AWL for welding machines that make parts for car seats, among other things. Since the chair has a protective function for the passenger in case of an accident, this is a relevant safety component. This is why a constant level of high quality is a requirement. In other words, quality control is indispensable.

AWL and partners

AWL works together with partners and, naturally, can help you select the right partner. We are system-independent and therefore carefully look at what is needed to ensure effective quality inspection in your process. Because we are experts in vision technology, we know what is needed to integrate it successfully.

If you would like to have one hundred percent control over your quality, contact us for more information about in-line process control.