In-line process control

Never too late to intervene in a welding error

Our in-line process control during welding is an automated quality control process, which checks during or immediately after welding whether the weld has been performed to the right standard. With the in-line process control, AWL ensures reliable production and demonstrable quality.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance in production processes with a high degree of automation and production speed can be very challenging but is essential for an efficient process and a high-quality end product. The process goes too fast to check with the naked eye, and simple sensors are insufficiently able to identify quality problems. With vision technology, you can check whether the product produced meets the set quality requirements.


The inspection is performed as soon as possible after the welding process to check whether the weld is of good quality. Various in-line quality assurance systems can also be used that monitor the product dimensions. This allows you to intervene immediately when a wrong batch is welded. Thanks to the automatic check, you can remove NOK parts and keep track of critical information, such as welding parameters.


A good example of the use of in-line control at AWL is in welding machines for car seat components. These are safety-relevant parts, as in the event of an accident, the seat has a protective function for the occupant. A constant level of high quality is required for these components, and it is therefore essential to have in-line control in the machine.

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