Heating: any shape, number or design

AWL is the partner for the manufacture of designer radiators. We have years of experience in making machines for different types of radiators. Getting us to build a machine means no separate machines or stations, but all integrated into one solution. We are a true partner and like to provide you with input. For example, we specialize in laser welding, which gives you a brilliant result.


In the production of heating systems, there is a great need for flexibility and versatility. Heating systems have a wide range of products to meet a wide variety of needs. Think of design, material use and heating capacity. In addition, there are different demands for home, office and industrial use, requiring machines and production techniques that can meet very diverse product requirements.

With the most recent production technologies, materials and logistics, AWL can provide high performance, flexibility, and product and process quality, irrespective of the shape of the radiator or the quantity.

● Guaranteed reliability and high production
● Excellent process and progress control
● Flexible approach as a system integrator
● High quality customized solutions (incl. all required processes)
● Everything from one supplier (one-stop-shop)

Years of experience

AWL has implemented many successful projects in the field of towel and designer radiators. In this respect, the development and production of innovative welding machines and production lines took central stage. Thanks to this knowledge and expertise, we offer flexible, efficient and high-quality solutions for the heating industry. Our machines provide high product quality, make zero errors and can manage great product diversity. We can also meet your preferred delivery times.

More than machines for radiators

Our professionals know about joining processes for heating systems, but also for sprinklers, construction fences, fittings, doorposts, tubes, and storage racks. We also offer solutions for automatically joining parts in the desired quantities in the necessary cycle times. Direct control from ERP systems is one of our specialties.


Please contact us for more information, example projects, or to make a quotation request.