Tom: "Deploy employee's capabilities for other tasks".

Tom understands the challenges that come with the logistics industry, particularly finding the right people to get the job done. That’s why he turned to RODE – a robot that efficiently handles random-mixed packages. With RODE, Tom can deploy his employees’ capabilities for other tasks, making his operation run smoother. She works tirelessly to empty pallets All. Day. Long. 

Let Tom show you how

RODE's benefits

RODE is our robotic depalletizer, and she automatically unstacks arbitrarily-packaged goods such as boxes, bags, or totes from pallets. Automating this process provides your company with multiple benefits:

  • Continuous processing of packages without downtime
  • Extra shift during busy times? No problem
  • Freeing up staff for other jobs
  • Meeting your customer’s needs even more effectively
  • Improving ergonomics and reducing the risk of injury.

Real-world experience: Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

In logistics, robots have to deal with thousands of different sized and shaped packages in fast-changing environments. For this, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions specifically looked for a provider that could develop and implement internationally not only the robot but a complete turnkey solution.

We are proud that AWL was selected to implement Arvato’s depalletizing robot, “Stark, ” in close collaboration with vision developer Fizyr. With a flexible gripper head and self-learning AI vision software, ’Stark‘ can place up to 800 different cartons per hour on the conveyor belt.

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  • … processes up to 800 packages continuously
  • … picks all mixed-sized packages
  • … tracks automatically products or labels
  • … can flip the packages to make sure the long side is leading
  • … is easy to implement into your work environment
  • keeps you ahead in the world of logistics automation.

Real-world project: DHL

The combination of AWL’s 30 years of experience with robotic system integration and DHL’s knowledge of parcel handling resulted in: a robotic depalletizing solution for DHL Parcel in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). With this robot, DHL puts up to 800 parcels per hour on the sorting belt with a maximum weight of 31.5 kg. Integrating robot-controlled AI-vision and high-tech gripper technology makes it possible to pick random packages of various sizes and weights.

“Close cooperation was the key to success because there are only a few similar solutions in the logistics market,”

emphasizes Karoline Kowalik (Logistics Engineer by Arvato)

How we will work with you

At AWL, close collaboration is critical to understanding your needs and solving any issues you may face. From concept to completion, we are your trusted and knowledgeable partner. We deliver as promised, on time and within budget.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what RODE can do for your business with the tests in our Experience Center. 


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