Global Board

Our Global Board

Brand van ’t Hof – Chief Executive Officer

“Engineering is my passion. Technology and innovation drive the future, whereby we have the courage to change and to innovate. Change is also in the relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. This change means that they become partners with the same passion for engineering. We share the same passion worldwide. By working smarter together and enjoying technology, we collectively make the difference.”

Marco Kok – Chief Financial Officer

“Pride and commitment are what characterizes AWL’s employees. Both have specifically contributed to what AWL is today – a robust and distinctive company. By focusing on ensuring AWL’s financial stability, safeguarding the organization’s versatility, and the quality and speed with which AWL’s primary and support processes are carried out, I try to make a contribution to opening up the tremendous future potential of this great company. In the interest of and in close collaboration with AWL’s employees, stakeholders and chain partners. And that makes me proud and committed.”

Guido Roncken - Chief Operating Officer

“AWL is a high-technology company with unique solutions and lots of good ideas for a challenging and evolving marketplace. It is the task of operations to achieve internal revenue growth and market expectations. As COO, I am the driving force in this respect and, together with my colleagues, I want to prepare AWL for the future. It is my privilege to work on this every day with enthusiastic people who have an enormous drive for quality and innovation.”

Arjen Vos – Director Strategy & Development

“It is a privilege to be involved with a worldwide high-tech company – but one with a social heart – like AWL. Creating the connection between people and teams, solving complex challenges and working together on the future are what motivate me. By continuously working on technical and social innovation, we keep our customers ahead in their market.”

Pierre Verwegen - Director of Foreign Locations

“With my background in various industrial Sales and Management jobs, I have experienced the continuing challenge and joy of connecting with external and internal stakeholders.
No connection no dialogue, no dialogue no progress! An additional motivating element for me has always been to interact a truly global playing field. To connect cross-culturally in a respectful dialogue and get things done across borders.

In my role at AWL, I feel privileged that I can serve our foreign branches in their continuous business development, bridging where and when necessary, creating synergy where possible.”