Your Entry to automation and high productivity

Are high investment costs limiting your search for new business opportunities? Are you looking for an affordable arc welding machine that does not sacrifice output quality? Let us introduce you to E-Line. Designed to be Efficient, Economical, Easy to use, Ergonomic, and your Entry to new business opportunities.


Just like our other AWL machines, the E-Line machine delivers high welding process quality. This is possible because of the integration of exchangeable jigs. Standardization ensures quality and makes the jig easy to change. The E-Line machine has a compact design, allowing you to maximize your floor space.

By developing E-Line, we choose to take advantage of our know-how and use our technical knowledge as much as possible. Centralized Robot Control forms the core of this concept, improving efficiency while guaranteeing safety.


E-Line enables you to improve your standing in the global market while fewer resources. It is a complete solution that fulfills the main TIER 1 & 2 requirements like safety and high quality, but without the high price tag. By simplifying machine design while delivering the same jigs that make AWL the global standard, you do not have to choose between quality and cost.

When you are ready to see how E-Line can save you money and resources, you are ready for the E-Line Configurator. This software reduces the average quotation time by up to 80% and streamlines the purchasing process. Built-in price transparency ensures that you are never surprised by unexpected costs.

We focused on exploring the local market instead of purchasing from foreign providers, and we identified local key providers to ensure that our suppliers deliver on-time and in accordance with all agreements.

Easy to use

E-Line exemplifies the AWL philosophy for turnkey solutions. Due to the simplicity of the machine, there are minimal training requirements for your operators so that you can run production fast.


E-Line is designed to ease the load and unload of parts. A smaller machine footprint means, fewer operator movements are required, and it is easy to access maintenance activities.


The E-Line machine will allow you to take your production capacity to new levels. E-Line is your bridge to new markets and new ventures. E-Line ensures not only your global productivity but also high quality and excellent security.

Three models

E-Line brings three different models to ensure productivity according to your needs. Automatic Turntable, Manual Turntable, and 2-Station Cell.

The steps to your own E-Line

Your time is valuable. We developed the E-Line Configurator and the E-Line App to improve the selection process, ensuring that you get E-Line that best-suits your needs. These tools will allow you to evaluate budget, design, and appearance in record-time.

E-Line Configurator

With the E-Line Configurator, AWL gives you an instant prequotation. Our sales team will be able to show you a concept budget for your E-Line machine, including the required specifications tailored to your budget.

With an up-to-date database that includes all the parts of every version of E-Line, this tool estimates and calculates your investment in a matter of minutes.

E-Line App

You will be able to visualize your E-Line with this Augmented Reality App. See for yourself exactly how your E-Line will look (and fit) on your shop floor before it is built.

  • Visualize your machine while including or excluding different components;
  • Incorporate 3D models in real-time using augmented reality;
  • With the app, we can give you a great idea of the machine, without seeing each other;
  • Everything visible on a mobile device.

E-Line’s future

E-Line represents AWL’s 30 years of experience in the field of welding machines. We know what it takes to build machines with high manufacturing standards so that we can ensure your global productivity with our affordable solution. We will continue developing E-Line so that we can take you to a higher level of productivity.

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