Pick and place

More flexible, more efficient, faster and cheaper production: these are hot topics in the automotive and manufacturing industries, as well as in the logistics sector. AWL’s smart pick and place solutions help you achieve these objectives. Moreover, should you have a shortage of operators, our solutions are ideal to nevertheless achieve stable infeed for your machines.

Pick and place with vision

AWL develops applications that enable robots to fully automatically pick or unscramble products. The products are picked and placed using a robot with a simple gripper, such as a magnet or finger gripper. We always employ vision technology for picking from a bin or conveyor belt in order to determine the robot’s gripping site. Vision technology is not always needed for placement, but here, too, it can definitely provide added value. Vision technology is an ideal addition, especially when the gripper constructs for your product are incapable of placing it precisely. Thanks to vision technology, an imprecise gripper is still able to precisely determine the product’s position. We refer to this as ‘fine localization’.

An autonomous pick and place process

Precision is important, because an optimal pick and place process starts by precisely positioning the products. Another benefit is that this creates an autonomous process. You no longer need an operator to place the products in the machine – the robot now does this. The machine can produce for hours on end without operator intervention. For you, this may be the last step in fully automating your production process. Moreover, because there is no human intervention, the machine’s supporting processes are less complex. This is because you no longer need to check the work done by operators.

A robust machine concept with vision technology

Our pick and place solution with vision is smart: a single robot picks up the product, checks the position and places the product. This is efficient and saves cycle time. However, an industrialized solution demands more than just a good vision system alone. The complete machine concept must be in order: ranging from the robot and the gripper to the lighting conditions. Naturally, the selected vision technology must suit your needs perfectly.

AWL as machine builder

AWL is a mature machine builder and you can rely on us with confidence to perform this task. We are known for our smart robotic solutions and for years have built robust machines that successfully operate at customers all over the world. In addition, we have technical expertise in different domains and we are able to scale our machines in line with your demand. Furthermore, we are capable of manufacturing industrialized solutions using new technologies, for example pick and place applications for undefined products.

Pick and place: interesting references

AWL is able to integrate the software of your existing supplier, but is also capable of developing software in-house. Below are some interesting references, both with our own in-house software, as well as with integrated standard software. We ask you to pay particular attention to the project at Scania. The solution we supplied here provides for jigless production: a new and innovative machine concept that no longer requires the use of jigs.

If you would like to know more about our pick and place solutions, do not hesitate to contact us!