Do you find it difficult and time consuming to program a robot?

Not with the AWL GeoEditor. Shorten the programming time of a robot and improve the quality of the welded joint.

With laser welding, the translation of a weld design into an actual programmed robot can be very challenging and time consuming. Especially when complex geometries need to be welded. For example, various arc movements in combination with a laser that is placed at certain angles are very difficult or almost impossible to program on a robot.

Our solution

AWL has solved this problem with the AWL GeoEditor. This software is capable of programming and optimizing the positions and orientations of the robot movement, resulting in less robot vibration and optimized speeds with stable movements.

The GeoEditor can import CAD designs and convert them into line segments that are used in robot instructions. This enables, for example, a wrist movement to be carried out for laser welding. Because the various robot brands speak different languages, the generated robot instructions are specific to the robot brand in question.

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