Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a widely used process for cutting all kinds of materials.

The high degree of accuracy, speed, and flexibility of the laser are the great advantages in the use of a laser cutting machine.

When is laser cutting the right approach?

Laser cutting with robots is the right approach on production lines where flexibility is required. Laser cutting is also interesting for cutting high-strength steel, for example 22MnB5 steel, because conventional cutting techniques are subject to the rapid rate of wear of the tools.

AWL applies laser cutting to, among other things, the production of auto parts such as car seats. Laser cutting allows the flexibility to produce different variants interchangeably on the production line because it is possible to perform different cutting operations per product variant.

Laser cutting with a robot

Although laser cutting with robots is not yet often used, AWL most certainly believes in it! Laser cutting combined with a robot simply increases the flexibility of the machine even more. A laser cutting robot makes it possible to flexibly adjust or check parts, or to cut holes per part.

What does the process look like?

Laser cutting is a thermal separation process. The focusing lens on the cutting head focuses the laser beam through a gas nozzle onto the surface of the workpiece. The laser beam melts the surface, and the molten metal is blown away by a strong gas flow from the nozzle, cutting the workpiece. The laser system follows the programmed geometry and meanwhile separates the material.

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