Smart concepts

Making life easier for the customer is in AWL’s DNA: we advise right from the start of your product development.

As a global systems integrator, AWL delivers added value by combining different joining techniques, like laser, resistance and arc welding, glued and cold joints, with other solutions like mechanical machining, bending and cutting. We have been doing this for almost 30 years for the automotive, metalworking and automation industries. AWL is also the right address for your logistics and assembly issues.

We work with you on conceiving competitive solutions in which equipment (robots, welding sources etc.) are used as effectively as possible. Safety, floor space and price are important pillars in this respect. The solutions (machines and tooling) are all based on our modular principles. In this way, we deliver an optimal result between the speed, quality, stability and cost-price management of your production process.


Choosing the smartest and most economic production concept is a complex challenge. The design and construction of a machine requires broad knowledge of many aspects of both welding and machine building. Our highly skilled creative people are happy to provide you with their input during an orientation workshop. During a workshop, you can present the draft ideas of your product (assembly) and associated machinery. We go through it together with you to see how it could also be done through the eyes of AWL. This often results in a refinement of the content.

Yes, I am interested in an orientation workshop!