Parcel post distribution

Parcel post distribution is a rapidly growing market, mainly due to the rise in online retail. Within these logistics processes, there are often flows that can be optimized. All items — regardless of size, shape and weight — can then be processed and sorted in a fully automated manner.

The problem with parcel post

Every day, retailers and logistics companies process a vast number of small packages due to the rapid development of e-commerce and omni-channel trade. Currently, packages are manually unloaded and sorted before being placed on a conveyor. The peak of this activity occurs mainly in the middle of the night. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find personnel to perform this work. However, AWL has a solution for this problem.

Speed with robotic sorting

With AWL’s extensive experience and competencies, we know which technologies and systems are right for your process. With AWL’s robotic sorting solutions, you can use a robot to select different sizes of boxes, bags, and envelopes from a stack, one by one, and place them on a conveyor. Sorting is now a high-speed process, achieved through a careful combination of robot, vision, and gripper technologies. Our integrated vision system identifies the location and orientation of unsorted items in bulk and transmits these points to the robot. This results in lower costs and increased efficiency.


The increase in work and the scarcity in the labor market presents an unparalleled opportunity for robotic automation. AWL’s legacy proves that we are the right partner in this endeavor. Contact us today for a no-obligations discussion about how to improve your operational processes through automation.

Do you want to improve your operational processes through automation?