Work object calibration

Do you regularly change the jigs in your machine? Or is the robot in your production process sometimes removed from its position, to be put back again at a later stage? If so, work object calibration provides added value in both instances.

The benefits of work object calibration

Work object calibration is an ideal solution when the jig or robot regularly changes position. Without this innovative technology, the robot expert has to adjust the robot’s new position each time – and as you know, robot programmers are scarce. With this solution, developed in-house by AWL, you will need fewer and perhaps even no programmers: your robot will get down to work fully automatically. Moreover, this smart robotic solution also improves the quality of the production process. The robot’s fully automatic operation means that each calibration is performed exactly the same way every time.

Watch the work object calibration application at work

How does work object calibration work?

A camera is installed on your robot for work object calibration. The camera scans markers in the production environment – for example a label on a shelving unit – in order to detect the equipment needed by the robot to execute the process. All markers are very precisely positioned and can be detected independently of light. On the basis of its position, the robot then fully automatically moves to its workstation, where, thanks to its precise positioning, it can also precisely perform its work.

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