Material handling solutions

”Automation in warehousing is no longer just nice to have but an imperative for sustainable growth.” – McKinsey

Coronavirus has revealed an unprecedented vulnerability, especially in the logistics sector where many people work together in one space. A high degree of automation reduces disruptions. Even before coronavirus, it was clear that warehouse automation would grow significantly in the coming years.

The use of robots and cobots will therefore rise rapidly. Certainly, in combination with contemporary vision technology:

● recognizing SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)
● pick & place options
● separating and sorting
● random stacking and de-stacking

For the automation of warehouses and distribution centers, many technologies such as robotics, grippers, vision and software come together. These technologies work together closely to make logistics processes efficient, safe and accurate. AWL has years of experience in the automation and robotization of product handling. We combine this with the integration of the latest software and vision systems. We are the hub operating between material handling providers, robotics suppliers and (vision) start-ups.

Modern automation has made what was previously impossible in warehouses, not only possible, but also profitable.