Piece & Item picking

The step towards material handling robotization

Until recently, piece-picking with a robot was unrealistic due to the wide range of items processed in distribution centers. But this is history, thanks to our robot solutions with vision and gripper technology.

Unlike traditional robots that can only perform preprogrammed tasks, AWL’s picking solutions can adapt to cope with dynamic industrial environments and unpredictable situations. Examples of these are peaks in order volumes and packages of variable types, shapes and sizes.


We deploy our picking competencies for the e-commerce and postal and parcel industries, among others. We can deliver a complete machine that can identify the pick points of randomly oriented items in crates or on conveyor belts using our vision technology. Thanks to this vision technology, the robot receives the command to pick and handle the item.

Vision technology is an integral part of the entire automation process. For us, vision is the eyes of robotics. AWL can provide you with a complete automation solution. We understand the business in which you operate and want to define the machine concept so that you can take the next step. The integration of PLC, robotics and vision software is essential for stability and achieving the required limits.


AWL has extensive experience in developing the right gripper technology and knows how to get value from 3D printing. Our piece-picking solution originated by combining vision and gripper technology. This makes it possible to pick and place a wide range of items and meet delivery times at high speeds.

Robot intelligence

The robot that we deploy can be used both independently and in combination with people at the same station. It is a modular product and therefore easy to scale. The robot can also improve itself by learning. By identifying when a pick is unsuccessful, the software can continuously expand a database of successful picks.

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