Piece & Item picking

Foundations of material handling robotization

Until recently, piece-picking with a robot was unrealistic due to the wide range of items processed in distribution centers.

Meet Rosi: AWL’s robotic singulating solution with vision and gripper technology can be your company’s foundation for the future.


Unlike traditional robots that can only perform pre-programmed tasks, AWL’s picking solutions adapt to cope with dynamic industrial environments and unpredictable situations. Our systems handle variations in the shape and size of packaging as well as fluctuations in order volume.


AWL’s expertise in piece-picking is already proven in the e-commerce and postal/parcel industries. Our vision technology lets us deliver a complete machine that can identify the pick points of randomly-oriented items in crates or on conveyor belts.

AWL has the industry experience to understand your business and show you how our vision technology can be an integral part of a complete automation process. For us, vision is the eyes of robotics.


AWL’s piece-picking solution originated from the combination of vision technology with grippers: a field in which AWL develops industry-leading hardware and software. This makes it possible to pick and place a wide range of items and meet delivery times at the high speeds your business demands.

Robot intelligence

AWL designs and build modular products which are easy to scale to your needs. Rosi accommodates your specific use case. And, just like its human teammates, Rosi can learn and improve each time she works. AWL’s software identifies when a pick is unsuccessful and makes continuous updates to its database of successful picks.

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