AWL host Veluwse Innovatieprijs & CAI Challenge Award

On Thursday, June 13, 2024, AWL opened its doors for a special occasion: the award ceremony for the Veluwe Innovatieprijs 2024 (regional innovation award)and the CAI Challenge award. The event was entirely dedicated to innovation and took place at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Harderwijk. AWL embodies innovation and aims to be a cornerstone for regional progress.

The Veluwe Innovatieprijs 2024, organized by Innovatiehuis Noord-Veluwe (Innovation House of the region) and partners, celebrates our region's most groundbreaking technological initiatives for the eighth consecutive year. This year, they proudly added the second edition of the CAI Challenge, focusing on digital innovations with a strong societal impact.

The event showcased impressive student projects alongside the winners: Van Werven with the jury prize, Van Gelder with the Audience Choice award, and Flexyz/Loohorst with their acclaimed CAI Challenge innovation.


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AWL host Veluwse Innovatieprijs & CAI Challenge Award

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