AWL-Techniek expands to 500 employees

AWL-Techniek has welcomed its 500 th employee at its production site in Napajedla, the Czech Republic. The organization is developing at full capacity and is strengthening its clout in order to realize the planned strategic growth. With branches in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and soon in America too, AWL is able to successfully meet growing global customer demand. AWL considers committed employees to be the organization's greatest asset. As Brand van ‘t Hof, general director at AWL formulates it: “Our goal is that our customers continue to be leading in an innovative and competitive market. Motivated and skilled employees are vitally important in this context”. Certainly in the light of a scarcity of technical personnel, for AWL the focused inflow of experienced professionals and young talent is essential not just for growth, but also to meet future customer demand. An important spearhead in this context is the development of its employees. Through training, education, coaching and learning-on- the-job, employees can continue to develop in their job and so provide added value for AWL.

The 500th employee welcomed by AWL is Petr Merka from Prague who will start as Financial Manager. “My first experience with AWL has been very positive. It is a transparent, no-nonsense organization with committed and talented professionals. So I am really looking forward to working together on AWL's future and growth targets.”

Petr is the 500 th employee contracted by AWL. AWL also makes use of a large group of hired personnel and students. This brings the total number of people working daily at AWL to more than 600. It is a group of motivated and skilled people, who have a passion for designing and building high-tech production systems. Considering the growth at home and abroad, AWL expects to be able to welcome its 1000 th employee in the foreseeable future. At the moment, AWL still has a number of vacancies. To see what is now on offer, click on

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