Concrete poured for new AWL Netherlands office and factory

AWL-Techniek B.V. has started building a new office and factory on the Lorentz III industrial estate in Harderwijk. The first concrete was poured on Wednesday, October 17. This memorable moment was attended by AWL employees from the Netherlands, the mayor and the executive councilor of Harderwijk, the contractors concerned and surrounding companies. AWL will open the new factory at the Keplerstraat 5 in October 2019, and the new office in mid-2020.

More than two and a half years ago, it was becoming quite a squeeze at the Nobelstraat for the machine builder from the Veluwe region of the Netherlands. Offices were filling up, there were not enough designated parking lots for everyone and the space for building machines was getting tighter. That was when AWL made its first plans to build an assembly plant of at least 14,000 m2 and 8,500 m2 of office space.

Room for growth
In order to have enough room for growth in the future, the new construction already takes account of doubling the capacity to a factory of 26,000 m2. A building permit has already been issued. This was also one of the principle reasons for choosing Harderwijk.

The official start of the building work was opened by Brand van ’t Hof, CEO of AWL-Techniek B.V.: “We are not only investing in a hyper-modern factory, but also in an office. It only seems like a few steps from the Nobelstraat to the Keplerstraat. But the expansion forms the basis for a big step forwards. Not just for AWL, but also for Harderwijk.”

Harm-Jan van Schaik, the mayor of Harderwijk, spoke to everyone on behalf of the municipality: “Your company has experienced significant international expansion during the past years. Besides the branches in the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the start in America, you are now also further expanding in Harderwijk. We are very glad of that. The reason that I am standing here with councilor Christianne van der Wal demonstrates our broad feeling of involvement in keeping AWL in our town. As an employer, but certainly also as a world-class innovative player.”

Sustainable premises
Sustainability is an important spearhead for AWL, and of course also for the new building. The premises are officially classified as energy-neutral. The premises are heated and cooled by means of an underground thermal energy storage system with heat pumps. This is partly the reason why the premises can be delivered fully gasless. About 3,800 solar cells are being installed on the roof. Apart from the new building, they are also looking into sustainable solutions for the existing building on the Nobelstraat.

AWL 25 years old
AWL-Techniek is celebrating a double party. The Harderwijk company is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In the week of June 10 last, they celebrated this with their employees, customers and suppliers at the Nobelstraat. There will also be celebrations at the close of the anniversary year.

Made possible by
The construction is made possible by the following companies: Van de Poel Architecten, Dijkham bouw bv, Alferink van Schieveen, Hollander Techniek, Leertouwer and Studio Wederzijds. In addition, the construction can be followed live.

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