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Welcome to AWL, the market-leading robotic system integrator with over 30 years of experience in the automotive and metal processing industry.  We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently expanded our offerings to include material handling solutions as well. With over 100 robotic systems already delivered for sorting, tote handling, and depalletizing processes, our expertise in this area is second to none. Let us show you more!

About RODE

Our robotic depalletizer 

RODE automatically unstacks arbitrarily-stacked goods such as boxes, bags, or totes from pallets.

  • We can effectively depalletize an entire pallet at a rate up to 850 pieces an
  • Gripper designed for your specific type of
    products included
  • Increased productivity, reduced operational costs,
    ability to be scalable. Labor challenges are a thing of the past
  • We guarantee more than 98% pick accuracy.
  • All you have to worry about is feeding the beast
  • Vision & machine learning

More about RODE 

Real-world experience: DHL

  • Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

  • Vanderlande

  • DHL

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About ROSI

Robotic singulator 

ROSI is a high-tech robotic singulating solution. ROSI can help your company with item picking, sorting, singulating, small parcel handling and other tasks. ROSI adapts to cope with dynamic industrial environments and unpredictable situations rapidly. Examples are peaks in order volumes and packages of variable types, shapes and sizes.

More about ROSI – sorter induction

More about ROSI – item & piece picking 

Vanderlande and AWL join forces to develop robotic small-item picker

Vanderlande launched a new robot picking solution, Auto Induct.  Developed in collaboration with machine builder and robotics expert, AWL, Auto Induct allows for the robotic picking of small items from a bulk flow of parcels.

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