Weld seam tracking system

A seam tracking system is one of the latest innovations in welding robotization.

When do you work with a seam tracking system?

A seam tracking system is indispensable when you need accurately positioned welds on inaccurate parts. Consider for example laser-welded fillet welds on inaccurate parts. AWL has employed seam tracking systems in manufacturing machines for electric car battery packs, laser-welded corner seams of bumpers, cabinets for electrical applications and exhaust systems. Here, inaccurate parts are welded in production series that invariably need to be of very high quality.

The weld seam tracking system can be used for many other welding applications. If desired, AWL can develop technology specifically targeted for integration into your process.

How does the weld seam tracking system work?

The system enables the reliable high-tolerance welding on workpieces of laser welds that require a high mechanical accuracy. A seam tracking system measures the exact location of the seam and corrects the position of the laser beam so that the beam exactly follows the seam, even if the seam is not exactly in the right place. An optical or mechanical sensor measures the position of the seam, and the robot or welding head corrects the robot path to the correct position.

Thanks to this technique, the welding robot is controlled precisely along the seam, guaranteeing very high quality and enabling simple quality control.

A challenge for an optical seam tracking sensor are reflections on materials such as aluminum, steel and polished stainless steel. Here too, AWL’s experience helps to implement reliable solutions.


During welding, the position of the laser beam is already being compared to the programmed path and can be adjusted immediately. As a result, the weld is always exactly where it should be, and this high-tech system contributes to excellent and consistent weld quality.

AWL works closely with various manufacturers of seam tracking devices and has direct contact with the developers.

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