Three models

E-Line brings three different models to ensure productivity according to your needs: Automatic Turntable, Manual Turntable, and 2-Station Cell.

Automatic Turntable

This model brings the Full Automation that characterizes AWL: a fully equipped cell model that allows complete control over the turntable. This model reaches an automation level that directly impacts the scope of productivity. Due to its design, the Automatic Turntable is ready to handle various products in the safest and highest quality environment during continuous production.

Manual Turntable

The most affordable E-Line model gives the operator control over the turntable. The Manual Turntable becomes the best E-Line light version thanks to its design. Safety and Quality are ensured in a reduced floor space without missing the quality output. This model becomes the most cost-efficient solution to place our customers in the global market.

2-Station Cell

This cell design has two working areas that can run simultaneously, bringing high production stability. Thanks to its external axis, the robot has higher welding reach-ability, increasing the variety of products that E-Line can handle. The load and unload of parts will ease a fast production, and the combination of the multiple advantages that this model comes with makes it the best option to reach the best cycle times, all in a reduced space.