AWL Tech Days 2024: The Next Step!

AWL successfully hosted its annual customer event, AWL Tech Days 2024, on June 12 & 13. Nearly 90 customers joined us at our headquarters in Harderwijk to explore the theme ‘The Next Step’. The Next Step in: the future of partnership, robotics, digitalization, automation, and sustainability. Our dedicated team presented topics such as:

  • Integrating AI Software
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Flexible Production
  • Robotics Precision
  • Logistics Grippers
  • Energy-saving Cross-jets

We were also privileged to have guest speakers from SICK, Siemens, Scania, and former Formula 1, who shared inspiring insights on:

  • Automatic Safety
  • The Industrial Metaverse
  • Automation Voyage & Future Horizons
  • Performance Optimization Based on Data.

During an exclusive shop floor tour, passionate colleagues presented high-tech projects and the latest developments in welding, pick & place, software and automation. These demonstrations underscored our commitment to leading in technology while simultaneously promoting sustainability.

The event inspired attendees to collaborate further and navigate the evolving landscape of (robotic)automation and sustainable partnerships. Thank you to everyone who attended; your presence made it all possible!

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AWL Tech Days 2024: The Next Step!

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