BRAINS project

AWL participates in the BRAINS project. The objective of BRAINS is to gain new knowledge and insights about data learning (including Artificial Intelligence). The knowledge must be merged into a new data learning module to be developed that can be used for multiple industrial user cases within process automation. Each participating company develops a so-called 'demonstrator' which must generate sufficient data to demonstrate that the devised solution works. AWL focuses on 'jigless joining' (welding and screwing without a jig). The BRAINS project runs from January 1st, 2023 to December 31, 2024, is co-financed by the European Union, and is part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The BRAINS project focuses on the digital transition and automation in the manufacturing industry, from manual production processes to semi-automatic, from semi-automatic to fully automatic. Even machine learning automation. The BRAINS project helps AWL with innovations within the Automotive and General Industry.

BRAINS builds on the results of PRISMA (ERDF project, October 2019 – April 2022). PRISMA was mainly focused on the development of vision technology: acquiring data from a production process or machine based on camera images and sensors, processing and analyzing this data, and developing that analysis into adjustment of the process parameters. BRAINS focuses from vision & sensing technology in the phase of advanced adjustment of the process parameters; from intelligent operator instructions via automatic machine adjustments to self-learning process optimizations. To this end, new AI knowledge is being researched and developed, based on which a generic data learning platform is being developed. For each industrial partner, this DL platform is then integrated into a new demonstrator to be developed, with which the technical operation is tested, the user case is validated and the generic DL platform is finalized. The technological challenge here concerns in particular the robustness of the applications to be developed: reliability, continuous product quality, and autonomous process (parameter) optimization.

The ERDF 2021-2027 East Netherlands program strengthens the innovative power in the region and thus the earning capacity of the Eastern Dutch business community. In addition, it contributes to solutions in the energy transition. This program is made possible by the European Union.

Partners in BRAINS:

AWL – Tembo – Bond3D – Zuidberg – Perron038 – Windesheim – University of Twente

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