Hans Schlösser leaves Supervisory Board

During the last shareholders’ meeting, Brand van ’t Hof, CEO, and Piet Mosterd, founder, said farewell to Hans Schlösser in a befitting way. As a member of the Supervisory Board, Schlösser has assisted the company over the past 20 years and has provided advice on important issues.

Schlösser joined AWL in 2001 as an experienced expert in the field of production technology. He was thoroughly familiar with the production and automotive world, as well as the associated production issues. For 20 years he has monitored this machine builder in the Veluwe region in the Province of Gelderland with passion, studied our figures and on this basis provided us with feedback in sound and instructive ways. Always based on his own experience.

He was among those who encouraged us to spread our wings to Central Europe and later across the world. He knew how the automotive industry responded to this and how AWL could keep control over the cost structure. Furthermore, he has made an important contribution to the professionalization of AWL. Together we have achieved a great deal and AWL’s management and employees are very grateful to him for this.

AWL, on behalf of management, wishes him a wonderful retirement together with his wife and family, and we thank him for his commitment.

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