Hendrikus Mulder 50 years in service at AWL

Hendrikus Mulder has been employed by AWL for 50 years since last weekend. In May 1972, he came from the LTS, and on June 26 of the same year, he started at Aarding Weerstand Las BV, the predecessor of AWL. According to his own words, Hendrikus has stayed with AWL all this time due to the great variation in his work. It made his job fun and challenging.

At the beginning of his career, Hendrikus mainly engaged in sawing and cutting for various construction works, but it became increasingly attractive over the years. Eventually, he got the position of Technical Coordinator Jig Assembly and made jigs for the automotive industry. To the question 'what is your secret?' he replied:

"You just have to be satisfied with what you have. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I think we all want too much, but you can also do a lot within your company, as long as you mention it. You have to express where your interest lies and go for it." 

Anniversary Party

On Friday, June 24, everyone at AWL celebrated their anniversary in a big way. Hendrikus and his family were warmly welcomed at the AWL headquarters in Harderwijk. After a tour by Brand van 't Hof, Chief Executive Officer at AWL, it was time for speeches, congratulations, snacks, and drinks.


With his fiftieth anniversary, his career also ends, and he is going on a well-deserved retirement.

"I'm most looking forward to the freedom I get. My wife and I love hiking, cycling and our camper! We love to travel and will soon be able to stay away as long as we want. If we want five weeks of vacation, it's possible! A wonderful perspective."

AWL will miss a very driven and loyal employee. Hendrikus has meant a lot to the company in the past fifty years. AWL looks back with gratitude for his time at the company and wishes him a fantastic retirement.

Long-term relationship

AWL is a company that distinguishes itself by being a good employer, in which 'being good for fellow human beings' is the core. At AWL, employees are given the opportunity to develop themselves. This creates an energetic environment where possibilities and ideas are welcome and contribute to the best solutions for our customers.

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