Zivid, AWL, and Fizyr team up at Automate

Amy Landau / Product Marketing Engineer at Zivid / 2024-04-16

Zivid, a leading provider of pure play 3D machine vision cameras, is coming to the Automate Show 2024 in Chicago, making it their first trade show in the USA.

Zivid, located at Booth 4270, will be the center stage for a live demo showcasing the seamless integration of the Zivid camera into AWL’s Robotic Singulator (ROSI) powered by Fizyr’s vision software.

Demo of the ROSI cell

This collaboration is a leading example in warehouse automation and continues to be a tried and proven solution. The ROSI cell equipped with Zivid camera demonstrates unparalleled speed and reliability in parcel induction.

ROSI offers rapid adaptability and exceptional performance in parcel induction and handling tasks.

Some of the key highlights to know about ROSI for your warehouse include:

  • Up to 1,700 picks per hour
  • Footprint of 1,825×1,180mm (6ft x 4ft)
  • Also available as ROSI Compact (better fit into existing environment)
  • Singulation accuracy up to 99.9%

‘’ROSI combines cutting edge solutions from multiple technology providers to create a fast, compact solution ready to optimize any parcel induction and singulation scenario. Teaming up with Fizyr and Zivid have been invaluable to this effort.’’

Equipped with advanced deep-learning vision technology and AI-powered software, ROSI swiftly redirects packages of any shape of size, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.

“The synergy between Zivid and Fizyr creates fast and reliable detection, perfect for supporting projects like ROSI that are capable of managing a wide range of packaging materials in challenging environments. Now with Zivid providing data on transparent objects, Fizyr vision AI  hasthe ability to handle anything."

The precision needed when handling parcels imposes the need for high precision and speed - that’s when Zivid comes to play. Fizyr's software, coupled with Zivid's cameras, ensures optimal performance and reliability in real-life warehouse scenarios.

“We are thrilled to have our first tradeshow in America be the Automate Show. It is a great opportunity to really showcase the Zivid camera to the American market with strong partners like AWL and Fizyr. The Zivid 2+ has great potential to energize the automation and robotics industry.”

Following the success of its recent webinar on intralogistics solutions in partnership with Siemens and Universal Robots, Zivid continues to highlight its ability to fit into warehouse automation.

The collaboration with AWL and Fizyr represents the next step in addressing the evolving needs of the logistics industry, offering specialized solutions for parcel induction and beyond.

In anticipation of the event, Zivid invites attendees to visit Booth 4270 at the Automate Show to experience the future of robotics firsthand.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact Marie Bodet at marie.bodet@zivid.com or visit Zivid's website.


Zivid is a market-leading provider of 3D machine vision cameras and software solutions for next-generation robotics automation. With Zivid's industry-leading 3D color cameras, businesses can quickly and easily improve efficiencies in industrial automation, ensuring faster production lines.

AWL is a market-leading robotic system integrator with over 30 years of experience in the automotive and metal processing industry delivering sophisticated welding, assembly, and material handling machines. In 2019, AWL entered the material handling market and has since delivered more than 100 robotic systems for sorting, tote handling, and depalletizing processes. AWL’s expertise lies in turnkey solutions incorporating robot guided AI vision, custom end-of-arm tooling, and a variety of modular offerings.

Fizyr offers advanced vision AI for robots, providing the smartest, fastest and most effective brain available to maximize robotic capabilities. Compatible with all major robotics systems on the market, Fizyr's vision-based AI enables robots to see, perceive, account for variances, learn and perform more successfully than any other robotic software. Years of leading research in computer vision for pick and place robots in logistics ensure the highest levels of accuracy and performance.

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