Prefabrication of sprinkler pipes

Imagine! You’ll just need one machine to produce all of your prefab sprinkler pipes fully automatically. AWL is a company of choice in a market where short lead times, prices and custom work are essential. A standardized comprehensive solution that takes the applicable standards for the production of sprinkler pipes in your region into account. We provide you with a full-service solution throughout the entire process and are only satisfied once the machine has been installed fully operational at your workplace. This is not where we stop, however. With our remote service, we are also available to you after the machine’s handover.

Watch the AWL sprinkler welding line

High-quality machine through standardization

With our standardized solution for the automatic production of your prefab sprinkler pipes, AWL delivers a high-quality machine with proven technologies and a short payback time. However, standardization does not mean that there no longer is any room for any additional requirements you may have. Naturally, the machine already incorporates your region’s specific standards. But within our solutions, there is always sufficient room for custom work. We develop the solution entirely to your specifications, such as links with software systems, the ability to weld specific brackets or caps, and specific configurations designed to optimize your plant’s logistics. 

The AWL machine enables you to weld up to 60 outlets per hour for the most common prefab configuration.

Comprehensive solution by integrating various processing steps

Aside from solutions for welding the outlets onto your sprinkler pipes, the AWL machine can also weld end caps and connect pipes together. In addition, we also integrate other robotized processing steps, such as manufacturing custom-made pipes, grooving the pipes and thread cutting the ends of the pipes. By incorporating multiple production steps into the solution, you will have fewer manual treatments and product relocations to perform, which enables you to produce more sprinkler pipes with the same number of staff.

Welding any desired position

AWL’s robotized welding machine is capable of welding a connection at any desired position on the pipe. This is entirely freely programmable. Robots work together to cut a hole in the pipe, control the removal of cutting waste, position the connecting nipple and then weld it. Due to the high weld quality, the chances of leakage are minimal. The machine is configured in line with your product mix as a result of which the machine is able to weld the outlets, caps and brackets you have specified.  

Welding galvanized pipes

Do you have many customers asking for galvanized pipes? Following thorough research we have found the best way of automatically welding outlets to galvanized pipes and are able to integrate this technique into the welding machine.

Flexible operation

You can generate production lists in your drawing room that can be loaded directly into the machine’s control system. You do not need any specific CAD software; the configurations required for production can be forwarded to the machine via an Excel application. In addition, it is also possible to directly send production data to the machine from your overarching software system. After this, all that is still needed is to load the pipes into the machine. The machine measures the different pipes, searches for the associated order in the production list and then fully automatically produces the pipe. Naturally, marking the pipes also is one of the available options. Our robust machine software, combined with smartly programmed robots, create a highly stable and reliable production system. 

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