Research & Development (R&D) is responsible for developing innovative solutions and for managing AWL's product portfolio. We make sure that our customers stay ahead in a world which in the coming years will be dominated by technology, automation and robotization. That is in our DNA.


We have a passion for always surprising our customers.

By following market trends, listening to our customers, using our common sense and our expertise, we can offer answers and solutions for the challenges with which we are all faced. We do this by carrying out innovation projects and by working on open innovation. For AWL, open innovation means that we actively participate and collaborate in innovation projects with customers, suppliers, partners, universities and institutes.

We are convinced of the necessity of innovation for a more viable future.

“Modularization makes standardization possible with visible customization”- Volkswagen Group


In a world where prices and lead times are constantly under pressure, standardization plays an important and significant role. AWL is in an advanced stage of modularizing its portfolio, in order to satisfy customer demand and to be a worldwide partner.

We started this process a number of years ago for our MAG and spot welding cells. Last year, we started developing a modular welding cell and a modular jig. In the coming years, AWL will develop further with concepts such as “plug & play” and flexible modules, thereby continuing to invest in modularization.

3D metal printing

AWL has gained experience with printing metal components in 3D. We want to use this technology increasingly for the production and integration of complex custom components in our machines. This enables us on the one hand to offer customization, and on the other hand to deliver machines faster. AWL is investigating further possibilities for applying 3D metal printing in its machines.

Smart robot application

Increasing the effectiveness of your robots is an important consideration for AWL. We are developing intelligent applications in this field. We have developed visual applications that make it possible to convert 3D CAD data into robot code and to subsequently edit this data. This way we simplify the process. This enables us to move welding points without much programming work; complete shapes can be rotated, scaled, moved or mirrored even.

Software control

Machine control design has a significant effect on the quality of the production process. AWL uses a solid methodology to specify the functionality and to translate this into smart machine control design. The machine software architecture has a sound and transparent structure. This gives you as the customer machine reliability and speed and any issues can be quickly detected via the user-friendly Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Web-based Human Machine Interface

HMIs provide the most of the interaction between the machine and the operator. The HMI must be simple for the operator, supply the correct diagnosis for the service mechanic and provide a clear visualization of the production data to the factory manager. AWL has started with the development of a web-based HMI. The greatest benefit of switching to a web-based environment is the flexibility offered by the technology. Soon, the HMI will be accessible via a laptop, panel and smartphone.

Welding aluminum

In the coming years, aluminum will be increasingly used in the production of cars in order to save weight. To prepare for this development, AWL is constantly investing in research into aluminum laser and spot welding.

In our Experience Center, we weld aluminum with a robot spot welding cell. This enables us to gain knowledge and experience and test the application and lead time.

Augmented reality

With augmented reality (AR), virtual information is projected over the real thing. AWL is investigating ways of applying AR in machine building.

The first potential application of AR is now available as a demo. This application can be used to check whether the jig's cabling is in the right place, and whether it is in the way for the welding torches. AWL also sees augmented reality as a possible solution for smart maintenance by visualizing operator instructions.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality

Start and stop times with arc welding

AWL is analyzing and improving the start and stop times, thus increasing the output for a robot arc welding combination. Up to now, we have achieved significant improvements in processing times. Together with the robot suppliers, we are improving robot software for the future.

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  • Afstuderen Robotica

    • Robotic Controls Engineering
    • student

    Enkele voorbeelden van stage/afstudeeropdrachten: - Verbeteren van applicatiesoftware ten behoeve van laserlasrobots. - Software ontwikkeling van patroon import en conversie module die patroon equivalente Robot bewegingsprogramma’s genereert. - Robot User Interface Professionaliseren.

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  • Control and Safety Specialist

    • PLC Controls Engineering
    • professional

    De besturingsspecialist is verantwoordelijk voor de besturingstechnische architectuur van onze machines. Je beoordeelt project- en klantspecificaties op haalbaarheid. Je maakt een functioneel ontwerp van de machine, waarin de functionaliteit van de machine is gespecificeerd.

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  • Teamleader Controls Engineering

    • PLC Controls Engineering
    • professional

    Als Teamleader Controls Engineering ben je verantwoordelijk voor het aansturen van de afdeling Controls Engineering. Deze afdeling bestaat uit onze PLC Software Engineers en Controls System Specialisten. Met jouw kennis en vaardigheden ben je in staat deze professionele groep vakspecialisten te coachen en hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling te stimuleren.

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  • Business Unit Manager Parts Manufacturing

    • Management
    • professional

    Als Business Unit Manager Manufacturing ben je verantwoordelijk voor de ontwikkeling van de Parts Manufacturing binnen de AWL Groep. Je zet de Parts Manufacturing op als zelfstandig bedrijf binnen AWL-Techniek.

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