AWL-Techniek enters into a partnership with Perron038

You don't create the future on your own. You do that together. That is why AWL is entering into a partnership along with ten other innovative manufacturing companies and educational institutions. This partnership has been given shape with the innovation center Perron038.

Perron038, which is housed in one of the oldest industrial halls in the Zwolle Railway Zone, is where high-tech companies and educational and research institutes collaborate with the aim of developing knowledge and sharing it in an innovative project environment.

Major role for AWL in Perron038
Partnership and innovation are important for AWL. That is why AWL is one of the founding partners and has a prominent place here to visualize innovative developments and to innovate and inspire together with its partners. AWL feels a social responsibility to strengthen the region. Education is also one of AWL's pillars: investment in education is necessary to be distinctive in the high-tech industry. That is why we work together with technology talents on the technology of the future. The first innovation themes of Perron038 are Collaborative Robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Vision Application, Sensoring and Additive Manufacturing.

Perron038 is still fully under development, but last week, the first AWL mechanical engineering students from Windesheim started with their project: Autonomous Mobile Robots. AWL will supervise these students with knowledge and expertise and is looking forward to the creative vision and solutions of this burgeoning talent.

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