Robotic sorting

Online shopping has experienced quite a resurgence during the global pandemic. Due to increased shipping of large quantities of goods, tracking a greater number of packages, and satisfying timely delivery requirements, many retailers and package companies want to implement new technologies in order to remain competitive in their market and combat the scarce pool of labor. An example of such use is in the robotized sorting and singulating of goods and packages.

Sorting and singulating

Sorting is the process of identifying packaging items (such as envelopes, boxes, poly bags, jiffy bags, etc.). This often occurs via a conveyor belt, so these items can then be sorted or singulated to specific destinations. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find personnel to perform the manual action of laying packages on a belt.


AWL has the solution: a robotic induction solution. With this solution, we can process a variety of common packaging formats and types in a robotized manner and at high speed. We can do this through the right combination of robot technology, gripper technology, and vision software.


What are the greatest benefits of robotic sorting?

● Extremely reliable personnel
By using a robot, skilled employees are relieved from such work and are thus free to perform other tasks. If needed, the robot can also work 24 hours a day to maintain a certain productivity level and satisfy delivery requirements.
● More volume regulation
Robot automation can help reduce sorting bottlenecks that often go hand in hand with rising volume requirements.
● Increased dexterity and accuracy
Robotized sorting systems are equipped with vision technology that can determine the shape of each object and understand how it must be picked up. This technology works closely with AI software and allows robots to pick a broad range of objects quickly and reliably, with little to no human intervention. Thanks to the built-in label-reading abilities, the robot can also accurately sort and singularize boxes based on destination, size or weight.

Collaboration Fizyr

As an independent system integrator, AWL works together with various suppliers of robots, vacuum technology, and vision software, for example. To serve the logistics market even better, we have entered into a partnership with Fizyr, a vision software supplier. By integrating their software into our machine, automated picking in harsh logistics environments is possible.

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